Manspandan’s major focus is a mental health of individual family, community and the system as a whole. It will be and working on the holistic perspective. This foundation would like to assure people that mental health improve the quality of life and help people to believe in “no health without mental health”.

Manspandan would like to intervene and make people aware about mental hygiene and mental health emotional well being, social well- being etc. Its primary focus is a school children and youth development health, mental health, social health and health of work place, psychosomatic issues of children and youth.

The key element of our philosophy is to strengthen health of children and youth, make them socially responsible for nation building neither the help of holistic approach ‘Manspandan’ this foundation taken efforts to promote mental health for the betterment of people. It also taken responsibility to intervene and bring about changes in perception of mental illness evolves a sense of moral, social responsibility towards mental illness and disabilities. With these prospects we provide a wide range of mental services and optimise the independent functioning of the mental disturbances. We strive to provide their dignified and qualitative life through them social skill. Develop integrated mindset, mainstreaming, Clinical intervention, financial assistance etc.

Mental Health is a growing concern of all person's, young and old. There is growing burden of untreated mental illness in india. W.H.O. is making a simple statement : mental health is neglected for far too long, it is a crucial to the overall well being of individuals, societies and countries and must be universally regarded in a new light therefore W.H.O. defines health as: A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease or infertility.

Our Work In Driven With Few Guiding Principles & Values

  • Acceptance
  • Promotion Of Mental Health & Prevention Of Mental Disorders
  • Access To Basic Mental Health Care
  • Individuality
  • Confidentiality
  • Encouraging Participation
  • Self Determination & Confidentiality
  • Equality & Dignity