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We have the professional expertise to help you tackle and overcome depression. Find out more about how the different types of counselling can help, and learn how to get the best support from your doctor including exploring the pros and cons of medication

Counselling is about talking to someone who understands what depression is and what can help.Counsellors are professionally trained to work with people on their personal and emotional issues, including depression and suicide.

Counselling Services

Personal Counselling

Emotional wellbeing

crises counselling

Psychiatric counselling

Clinical Counselling

Behavioural Modification

transaction analysis

Health Counselling

Industrial Counselling

Psychological Wellbeing

Stress Management

H.I.V AIDS counselling

Personality Development

awareness/training in the field of mental health issues

Premarital Health

Psycho Analysis

transgender issues and their rehabilitation

Family and Child Counselling

Defence Mechanism

Crisis Intervention